As part of the Xi  Series, Core (Xi6) will always embody a physical form throuout the outaverse.

Below you will find some additional information surrounding the utilization of Core (Xi6) within Outabox Studios’ upcoming games.

Dead Zone: The Blair Hill Incident is an adventure survival horror game that is in current development by Outabox Studios and scheduled for a late October 2023 release on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The story will take place on a fictional secluded island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The majority of the gameplay however will take place within a hidden Community Estate known as Blair Hill. It will be behind these gates where the player’s given character will have to endure some brutal and outright terrifying moments while uncovering the truth of what plagues the island. The game will embody some factors of an open world in order to enable exploration within the surrounding areas of Blair Hill which will be crucial to puzzle solving and obtaining items, objects and collectables. There will be instances where the player’s character/characters are forced into dark tunnels, narrow spaces, high towers, deep bodies of water, cold caves, haunted buildings, streets filled with undead hordes, locations with angry and unsettled mobs, unavoidable boss fights and so much more. The game will jump between third- and first-person view depending on the situation at hand. Outabox Studios plan to expand on the survival difficulty modes and unlockable postgame missions which might include new characters and monsters. An Undead quest where the player gets to experience the zombie life in a zombie to zombie setting is also in the mix.


Dead Zone: The Blair Hill Incident will introduce the world to (Xi6) Core’s physical chip form inside the outaverse. Players will be able to collect their very own Core throughout the adventure survival horror game in numerous side quests and unlockable missions. One of the said unlockable missions will even allow players to gather some coranium and gold as well as the needed supplies to mint their very own Core. This mission won’t allow players the withdrawal of this said supply of Core connected to the mission unless the necessary steps of the minting process has taken place. As Outabox Studios indicated, Core will be scattered throughout the game, but will only become available in certain missions and side quests. Some of these missions will take place in the swamps, underwater, on the mountains and even between ghosts and hordes of undead. The Core available in some of the side quests will take the player to some bizarre and out-right creepy levels as these quests will most likely be connected to the weirdos on the island. Visit for more hints as in to which direction the team is heading with the game.

Project Illeneum is an upcoming science fiction action role playing game that’s been in development since September 2018 by Outabox Studios. The game was initially scheduled for a 2021 October release on PC, PLAYSTATION and XBOX, however this changed when the covid-19 pandemic struck the globe and pushed the team at Outabox Studios back by at least another eight to fourteen months. The new scheduled date is set for late 2023, early 2024, should everything go as planned. Project Illeneum started as a novel which transformed into a graphic novel, until the widespread range of ideas fell into place on the storyboard for a game instead. Therefore, the team at Outabox Studios decided to keep the ideas as complicated as possible in order to challenge themselves. Project Illeneum was inspired by movies such as Blade Runner, Johnny Mnemonic, Total Recall and games like Fallout, Deus Ex and Far Cry as well as the popular Altered Carbon novel.


Project Illeneum will have two distinct markets known as the “green-market” and the “dark-market”. The green-market is quite different from the dark-market. In the dark-market the player will only be able to make purchases in TRIBIT, whereas in the green-market, Core-Chip is the only currency to trade in, from player to protagonist to vendor, vending machines, taxis, malls and everything that’s legal within the world of Illeneum’s green-market. Core-Chip will also be used as a payment system for missions/jobs completed by the protagonist. Core-Chip will embody a physical form inside the world of Illeneum, as it does in the outaverse, and by physical, Outabox Studios actually mean that the protagonist will be able to physically hold the chip in his/her/their hand. Thus, the idea for the colour design of the chip in dark blue and gold is definite. The chip will be bankable if the player should choose to store his/her/their Core-Chip inside the in-game bank. The process will be like going to an actual bank and applying for an account. And yes, the character’s status will have an effect on whether the protagonist is approved for a bank account or not. Nonetheless, this method will come in handy when certain jobs have been fulfilled, especially high paying jobs, otherwise the character could always just run around with a duffle bag filled with Core-Chips. Outabox Studios thought this would be both a fun and humorous concept to inject into the game and vows to create as much of a realistic experience as possible for the gamer, therefore running around with a duffle bag filled with Core-Chip will initiate Scum NPCs (Criminal Non-player characters) to target the player’s character and try to rob him/her. Not to worry though, Outabox Studios plan to give the player a chance to get his/her/their Core-Chips back in any means possible should the Scum NPCs get away with the duffle bag that is.

Depending on the player’s preference and the protagonist’s status (should the protagonist be eligible for an in-game bank account and didn’t get ambushed by Illeneum’s finest) an option will be made available to the player’s character to either receive a bank card or implant, thus making the handling of large sums of Core-Chip more mobile and user friendly inside the game, which means no heavy duffle bag carrying for the character. Should the player not choose to use the in-game banking system or simply can’t because the protagonist’s status is criminal and under investigation by the local law, or because the character is locked up in the Illeneum Police Tower, other methods of safe keeping will be available, methods such as safes, lock-boxes, security deposit boxes, asset handlers at vendors and even the protagonist’s very own storage unit. That’s just to name a few. Either way, the player’s actions will determine certain pros and cons throughout the experience within Project Illeneum and Outabox Studios intend to make it as user-friendly, realistic and enjoyable as possible for the player.

     The player will have the ability to load his/her/their Core-Chip into the protagonist’s in-game wallet/account, and yes, the player can withdraw these funds at any time when he/she/they wishes to. Because Project Illeneum is set in the future, Core-Chip will have noteworthy value. For instance, let’s say the player transfers 50 Core-Chip into his/her/their protagonist’s wallet, that same 50 Core-Chip will carry the value of 50 000 Core-Chip inside the world of Illeneum, which will make the protagonist’s life quite enjoyable.

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