With every core vein break, (Xi6) Core’s inflation goes down and the chip’s value goes up…

Outabox Studios wanted to introduce a new, fresh idea to cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders alike and yet at the same time keep the concept relevant to the outaverse. Vein Breaking seemed like the right direction to follow, especially considering the fact that Outabox Studios plan on expanding the Vein Breaking concept through their upcoming LENIUM blockchain. Vein Breaking within (Xi6) CORE however will work a bit simpler since the cryptocurrency migrated to the TRON blockchain. In order to force this process into motion a set amount of Core has been stored in a funnel account. Every year on the 1st of August a Vein will break and four veins will fork from the mentioned core vein. Every third month throughout a year’s term, each of the said forked veins will be released to the public throughout various methods and sources. These methods and sources will include the following: an airdrop into already existing wallet addresses which holds a certain amount of Core. A certain percentage will also be funneled through faucets and spread throughout every exchange Outabox Studios have partnered with. Not only will this method ensure that everyone, especially new crypto enthusiasts get a fair chance at collecting their very own Core, but it will also ensure a thriving future for the outaverse related asset.


Faucets have become quite the phenomena within the crypto space. It’s an excellent operation for distribution and creating awareness about new cryptocurrencies. Faucets are also a great way of crypto accumulation for collectors, hodlers, new comers and those whom can’t afford to buy crypto. Each vein break will be injecting a certain percentage of Core into faucets which will ultimately help create more awareness about the Xi Series and its spread. In the future, Outabox Studios wish to have their very own faucets as well in an attempt to maximize the spread.


Airdrops have been a crucial interest point throughout the existence of cryptocurrency. Unlike faucets, airdrops sometimes allow the developer to distribute a larger quantity of the respective cryptocurrency, in most cases it’s the enthusiasts whom flock together at the sight of any airdrop. In recent years, thanks to the failing banking system, more and more people become aware and interested in airdrops which is just another way of creating spread and awareness of a certain cryptocurrency. The vein breaking system will however have a larger focus on newcomers when it comes to airdrops, but this isn’t to say that the airdrops won’t be available for already existing Xi6 holders. The community is and always has been the key.


As stated before, the vein breaking system will include addresses which hold a certain amount of Core during the duration of an active vein break. The amount to be distributed amongst these addresses will range from 0.5% to 20% interest bonuses. The vein breaking system adds a ton of value to Xi6 for investors seeking value for their money outside the normal banking system within fiat and stable coin currencies.

CORE 100

The CORE 100 list is an automated group in which the top 100 investors below elite status belongs to. In order to make the CORE 100 list, investors must hold more than a certain amount of Core within their addresses. The list has its above average benefits when it comes to the vein breaking system and will grant investors 3.75% quarterly interest bonuses on their holdings within the duration of each vein break. That’s a 15% interest bonus per Annum.


The CORE ELITE list is also an automated group in which the perceived elite investors in Core belongs to. In order to make the CORE ELITE list, investors must have any amount ranging within that which is perceived as elite, which is above the CORE 100 maximum amount in (Xi6) Core holdings within their addresses. The CORE ELITE list members will receive 5% quarterly interest bonuses on their holdings within the duration of each vein break. That’s a 20% interest bonus per Annum.

Below you will find the Core Vein distribution diagram. The diagram holds the exact amount of (Xi6) to break from the CORE VEIN SUPPLY. Each vein will break on the 1st of August (per annum)

1st Vein Breaks in:








Amount of Xi6 to break from the Core Vein Supply:

1 84 500 000 Xi6